It’s TRULY a SAD DAY as CBG closes the book. 1/11/2013

Per CBG: This is to let you know that CBG has ceased publication, effective Jan. 11. Our small and declining print circulation and a commensurate decline in advertising – taken together with increased printing and postage costs — simply doesn’t allow us to continue the magazine in an economically sustainable way.  The website is being maintained as a resource archive by our fellow editors at Antique Trader, but will not provide updates.
Obviously, the world of comics continues to be an exciting one, with an increasing audience for the art form. (Have you marked your calendars for this year’s Free Comic Book Day? It’s May 4!) Both Senior Editor Maggie Thompson and Editor Brent Frankenhoff will continue to be active in comics fandom, online, and elsewhere.
We’ve enjoyed meeting many of you over the years and we hope to see you often in the future.
We encourage you to check out CBG’s sister publication Antique Trader at Additional contacts can be reached via email to

Bags Unlimited has been closely tied to CBG for many years, and this news comes as a blow to us, as well as the comic community as a whole. We are sad to say “good-bye” and wish them all well on the next journey. Please continue to support the sister publication as mentioned, and THANK YOU CBG for many years of great publications, information and dedication. We salute you.Image

That Which Does…

That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger… you think so? I do….at least when it comes to people. Talking about collectibles is a whole other ball game. I read a VERY interesting article, (and quite in-depth) on protecting vinyl…the pros and cons of paper vs, plastic. This is the link to the actual article. I like that fact that the author includes PEOPLE as a source of deterioration to collectibles.
Although sleeves is misspelled, the article is articulate and extremely informative. If you do collect vinyl, and you have any question about the best way to properly store it, this article is for you. Thanks! and if YOU have tips you would like to share, I would love to hear them.

Here is  a link about collecting; How to find the value of your collectible taken from Although short, it does give some very basic and helpful tips about how to find the value of your collectible.

There is a lot more that goes in to collecting than this short clip, but as I stated, it gives some brief yet useful information.

If you are a long time collector, this probably won’t mean a lot to you, but for someone who is just starting, it can help point you in a direction. HAPPY COLLECTING! My next post will focus on preserving your collection…the DO’s and Don’t Do’s of preservation.

RECORDS and Collectibles

I ran into Dick Storms today…owner of the ever (in)famous RECORD ARCHIVE. Record Archive has been a Rochester, NY icon for at least 40 years. If you need music, Dick is the man to see…although you probably won’t see Dick himself, you WILL see any one of his employees who are vastly knowledgeable and ever ready to help.

I remember when I first met Dick. A friendly man, yet slightly intimidating to me at the time. He was larger than life, gregarious, eccentric, genius, and I was completely intrigued by him. At the time, I was just a lowly helper delivering sleeves for records that Dick had designed and my brother made. The sleeves were designed to protect the records and the two of them had a great partnership….(my brother was equally as eccentric and genius, but he was much quieter than Dick…he was, however very well known in the collecting community and I got to know quite a lot about collecting through him).

So, fast forwarding through years of conventions, comic paraphernalia, and trading cards, and sadly, my brother’s passing, I have found that collecting is not for everyone. Well, everyone CAN collect, but there is an eclectic state of mind about collectors…especially SMART and knowledgeable collectors. Which brings me back to Dick! He was at an estate sale that I was kind of dragged to but could not go inside due to the overwhelming smell of mold…it was so pungent I could not breathe and had to wait outside in the cold. However, I was able to spy Dick leaving with a 1960’s hanging lamp, a blanket and something that maybe looked like a rug. (He also collects very cool old stuff..). So, we were able to chat for a bit. I NEVER tire of talking with him…he is really a character…something maybe out of Mary Poppins, or a John Malcovich movie.. He made my day with his sincere laugh and love of (most) all things quirky and collectible, oh, and of course, RECORDS! and music.

So, if you ever have the joy of stepping into Record Archive, and you happen to see Dick, tell him Laura says “hi”!




Hey, all! This is Laura with Collectible Supplies

I am all about collecting….collecting what? Well, pretty much anything….from records, to books, to photographs to posters, comics, postcards, signs and everything in between. I am anxious to see and heat about what you collect and hope we will be hearing a lot from each other!